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The AICTE is a non-profit association of senior academics, philanthropists and eminent members of the community, dedicated to improving the standards of education in India.

Our mission is to encourage the pursuit for excellence in education delivery throughout the entire Indian administration system (ie: from Government downwards).

We aim to ensure that world class standards of education and accountability are introduced throughout all education levels (primary, secondary, tertiary); that compliance to these standards is implemented and monitored vigorously; that more course options and flexible delivery strategies are introduced into the education system; and lastly, a national system for recognition of prior learning and cross-recognition of syllabi between secondary and tertiary institutions is established.

We believe that the current education environment in India is insufficient to meet the greater community's needs; lacks flexibility; has insufficient options; inconsistent standards; is under-regulated; and lacks sufficient accountability.

The AICTE members have all pledged to work together to bring about significant change in India's education system. Join us if you feel you would like to contribute towards this endeavour!


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All India Council for Technical Education
All India Council for Technical Education
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